I’ve been doing digital design for many years now. In fact, I remember my first introduction to digital design – it was 1984, and we were the proud owners of a new Macintosh computer.

My first computer.

My first computer.

I discovered within it a black and white pixel paint program called MacPaint that allowed me to create digital images. Anything I could draw I could digitize. It rocked my world. My love affair with design had begun.

A few (ahem) years later, and we are now designing for devices we never could have imagined in 1984. It’s an exciting time to be working in technology.

Hilary Little

This is me.

<– This is me. As a professional designer, I’ve been in the biz of creating products that are elegant, engaging and easy to use for 15 years.

I’m based in Ottawa, Canada and work with clients both near and far. That’s part of what makes the web world so fun.