UCD Girl Saved the World with User-Centred Design

Picture of UCD Girl

UCD Girl - Protecting the World From Bad Design


I spoke last night at a Girl Geeks Ottawa dinner, had a blast and met all sorts of interesting and fun gals. The organizers did a top-notch job and the venue and food at Grounded Ottawa was great. Thank you so much for inviting me to talk about User-Centred Design (UCD).

Below you can see the presentation I gave. In it, I introduce our superhero, UCD Girl, who works tirelessly to save the world from bad design. Then we met Dave, her archenemy, who, despite good intentions, is known as Bad Design Dude.

Can she save him – and us – from the dark side?

As the epic battle between good and bad design plays out, you’ll learn the benefits of treating early designs as hypotheses that must be tested for usability with end users.

You’ll learn that design is inextricably linked to business value, and you’ll see some compelling examples of how this method saves companies big bucks.

Saving the World With User Centred Design by Hilary Little

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