A Logo Rejuvenation

A recent project I enjoyed was updating a logo designed about 15 years ago. Like architects say of homes, this logo had “good bones”, even if some aspects of it were a bit dated. I knew that it was a good candidate for an update. 

Old logo

My clients also had only a JPG file of their logo design, and not the original vector file. (Read why vector logo files are so important.) So my first task was to recreate the logo as a vector file using Adobe Illustrator.

Before I could do that, I needed to identify the font the original designer had used. I used an online tool called Identifont, which, by asking about 20 questions, was able to correctly identify the font I was looking at. It was called Premier Lightline. I hopped over to MyFonts.com and purchased it immediately. 

Premier Font

Now that I had the font used in the logo, I could recreate it. I started with a plain black, unadorned version. Good bones!

Black logo


Next I wanted to update the yellow and red colours, which were the main things dating this logo. As you can see from the original colors on the left, and the new ones on the right, I brightened both the red and the yellow significantly. 

Color Palette

The next step was to get cozy with my curves and pen tool in Illustrator and recreate the graphical elements representing a panini and pizza slice. It all came together well. I created a version for use on a light background and a version for use on a dark background and delivered the font and logo files to my clients.

Final Logo