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A Logo Rejuvenation

A recent project I enjoyed was updating a logo designed about 15 years ago. Like architects say of homes, this logo had “good bones”, even if some aspects of it were a bit dated. I knew that it was a good candidate for an update.  My clients also had only a JPG file of their logo design, and […]

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I am on (bone) break.

Some of you will already know that I’m out of commission for the summer after a fairly freakish accident. Lots of people have been asking what happened, so I decided to post the scoop. The night of Sunday July 6, I was at the grocery store. Walking in the banana aisle, I misstepped, rolling my left […]

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Neilsen Norman Weighs in on the Usability of Apple’s iOS 7

iOS 7, Apple’s operating system for their tablets and mobile devices, moves away from the skeuomorphic design that characterized earlier versions of iOS. The new look is drastically different from the previous operating-system iterations and it boldly parts with some of the conventions that Apple had worked hard to establish over the past 8 years. […]

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