Girl Geek Dinners Ottawa: “Saving the World with User-Centred Design” April 25

I’ll be speaking at Girl Geek Dinners Ottawa on April 25, 2012. Imagine a world where critical user interfaces like those for emergency room tools, aircraft cockpits and nuclear reactor controls have been designed based on best guesses. These interfaces have never been tested with real doctors, pilots and nuclear control system operators. They are being made from a single and detached perspective that does not focus on how people actually…more

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10 Things User Experience Design Taught Me About Life

Empathy goes a long way. What motivators, challenges or pressures are the people around you experiencing? Nothing is done in a vacuum. Stay aware of how your actions might impact others. Before anything else, define what success is to you. Otherwise you’ll have no idea if you’re headed towards it or in the opposite direction. Don’t sweat getting off course; it’s natural to stray now and then. As long as…more

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UCD Girl Saved the World with User-Centred Design

  I spoke last night at a Girl Geeks Ottawa dinner, had a blast and met all sorts of interesting and fun gals. The organizers did a top-notch job and the venue and food at Grounded Ottawa was great. Thank you so much for inviting me to talk about User-Centred Design (UCD). Below you can see the presentation I gave. In it, I introduce our superhero, UCD Girl, who works tirelessly to save…more

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